A delightful 3 km stretch of pleasant sea which has been a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. It is a great place for sunbathing and relaxing. It’s 43 kilometers from Marago and 76 kilometers from Panjim.

Since it’s already summer, do not forget your sunblock lotion! Not all of us want to get tanned, do we?

So some of the best ways to get around Goa are:


You won’t get stuck in traffic and it is more fun when you are with a group of friends, plus it is way cheaper than a 4 wheeler. 


You can either rent a car or a taxi, whichever is suitable for you. Renting a car or a taxi is more effective when you are travelling with your family. 


Not to forget our local buses which are the cheapest means of transport. To be honest, it’s not completely safe, but is convenient. 

Like other beaches, this beach also has various water sports which you can try. To know about the exciting water sports, head up to the Goa app and get the best deals.

Things to carry at the beach:

  • A towel to use after you take a dip
  • Extra clothes
  • Sunblock lotion to protect your skin from harsh rays of the sun
  • Water bottle (you can either carry or buy later)

There is a miracle cross in Agonda which draws a lot of tourists as well as the villagers. It is said that this cross was once struck by lightning, from that day the cross remains tilted.

This beach has many shacks, which serve mouth watering food, both veg and non veg.

Nothing is better than collecting varieties of shells and adding them as your new collection or making sand castles. You can rest the night at the cozy resort rooms while you hear the peaceful rush of waves hit the shore and the reflection of the night sky and the glittery on the sea.

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