This beautiful golden sand beach is located in South Goa. This beach has numerous pine trees, unlike other beaches. Betalbatim beach is also known as sunset beach. You can spot dolphins here as well. To reach Betalbatim beach it is 31 km from Panjim and 9.5 km from Margao railway.

You would definitely need a vehicle to travel around. Goa app has some great options for vehicles at a very reasonable price. Do check out! It has been very helpful for the tourists. 

If at all you are a family then a 4 wheeler is suitable for your travel around Goa. If you are visiting Goa with a group of friends, then go for a bike as it is more convenient and fun!

Like other beaches, this beach also has water sports like Frank water sports, sea waves water sports which have various sports activities which one can enjoy.

  1. Scuba Diving:

Explore the deep blue sea and swim along with various sea creatures. Be friends with the colorful fish and make this a memorable experience.

  1. Bungee Jumping:

Want to get over the fear of heights? Then here is a perfect sport for you. Feel the extreme wind on your skin and enjoy the thrill. This is definitely a lifetime adventure you must try when you visit Goa.

  1. Banana Ride:

Get your group of friends and get on the banana boat!! This is fun when you have a family or a group of friends. A slow ride in the middle of the sea is all you need for a peaceful vacation. 

Head up to Frank water sports and Sea waves water sports for your adventurous vacation, or you can even book online on the Goa app! Great, ain’t it?

Goa is well known for the tasty seafood. Kill your cravings with some mouth watering food which is easily available at any beach shacks.  

Some of the nearby beach shacks which are worth a try are Magzica Beach Shack, Silent Nook Beach Shack, Silver Spoon Beach Shack. These shacks have a beautiful beach view where you can watch the lushing blue waves hit the shore while you have you meal. 

Feel the soft sand in your feet as you take a long walk by the beach and watch the sun go down.

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