1] St. Elizabeth’s Church
St. Elizabeth’s Church

This church in North Goa has a striking Mannerist architectural style, with impressive rococo features. It was constructed by Franciscan friars in 1618. Though a storm destroyed it in 1708, it was rebuilt on a much larger scale. This elegant church has a magnificent statue of Jesus Christ on the front of the church.

  • Location: Aldona, Balbot, Ucassaim, Goa 403508
  • Built in : 1618
2] Church of Lady of Rosary
Church of Lady of Rosary

This church is the oldest church in North Goa and has an immense historical significance. This church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is believed to be built by Afonso de Albuquerque as a gratitude for his victory over armies of the Deccan Sultanate of Bijapur.

It is also here that St. Francis Xavier gave his first sermon when he arrived in Goa. The church looks more like a fortress, with its rounded towers and early Portuguese architecture.

  • Location: Bainguinim, Goa 403110
  • Built in: 1510
3] Church of St. Anne
Church of St. Anne

This church is a marvellous monument, in the North of Goa. It is a unique specimen of Indian Baroque architectural style and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on the banks of Siridao River, this church has a white-washed exterior and its interiors have a cylindrical roof.

  • Location: Talaulim, Goa 403110
  • Built in: 1695

Churches in South Goa

4] St Alex Church
St. Alex Church

This massive church has a unique architectural style. The church dome and its towers are the special attractions of this church. The interiors and the gilded altars are ornate in design and marvellous to look.

It is one of the oldest churches in Goa. It was built on the site of Ravalnath, an ancient Hindu Temple, whose ruins can still be seen around the church. Many feasts like are held in the church.

  • Location: Curtorim, Goa 403709
  • Built in: 1741
5] St. Andrew’s Church
St. Andrew’s Church

Among the most famous churches in South Goa, St. Andrew’s Church will impress you with its elegant Neo-gothic architecture. Situated in the historical town of Vasco da Gama, this church is named after St. Andrew, the patron saint of fishermen. The church runs a school on its premises.

  • Location: Vaddem, New Vaddem, Vasco da Gama, Goa 403802
  • Built in: 1570
6] Three Kings Chapel
Three Kings Chapel

This church is among the most famous churches in South Goa. Located on a hill, this church gives spectacular scenic views of the coastline and the lush greenery. You are also treated to view stunning views of sunrise and sunset.

The chapel has a most interesting history behind it. Many believe it is haunted by the ghost of three kings who once ruled this land. It’s also a favourite location for Bollywood films.

  • Location: Muder, Cansaulim, Goa 40371
  • Built in : 1721
7] St. John the Baptist Church
St. John the Baptist Church

This church, among the most beautiful sights in North Goa, has a typical Goan architecture. Situated on top of a hill, this church has charming altar and galleries with lovely designs. The feast in this church is a very energetic event when there are many festivities and a lot of fun and enjoyment.

  • Location: Perto de Igreja principal de, Benaulim, Goa
  • Built in : 1956

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