The best time to visit Majorda beach is in the month of November to February (no rains). The distance to the beach from Panjim is 28 km. The best way to get to Majorda is by renting a bike, car or even a taxi.

Here you will find many beach shacks lined up and restaurants with sun beds which can give you a whole different experience of being in Goa.

To do list:

  • Boat rides:

Sail around the blue sea and experience life in the middle of the sea. Watch the birds sit on the calm water. And if you are lucky enough, you might get to watch the mystical dolphins.

  • Ancestral Goa:

One place you must visit is the ancestral Goa museum which is only 10 km away from the beach. It is an open air museum which is also a restaurant. So you can dine as well as look around.

  • Monte Hill Chapel:

This is a 16th century chapel which is not commonly known by the tourists. But it’s a beautiful place you must visit if you are around Majorda.

  • Water sports: 

One of the best for activities. Try out some thrilling sports like paragliding, parasailing, banana ride and so on.

  • Shopping:

There is a small market where you will find spices, clothes and accessories. There are many bakeries as well.

  • Nightlife:

Pubs, clubs are everywhere around Majorda. Night time is the best here since there is loud music and you will find a lot of people dancing.

Not to miss out the sunrise and sunset as this beach is known to have a beautiful sunrise and sunset view!

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