Celebration of Sao Joan Festival of Goa

Sao Joan or The birthday of St.John the Bapist the most popular monsoon festivals in Goa and celebrated with great fervour and pomp.

sao joan
Sao Joan Celebration

When and Why Sao Joan celebrated?

The Festival celebrated in June month to welcome the monsoon and venerate the saint. The festival is especially sacred to new parents, newlyweds and people who purchase a new home.

How the Sao Soan Celebrated?

As the most common sign of monsoon increase in water level in well, this monsoon festival celebrated by jumping into well or anyater body. The swimmer then treated with local alcoholic drink,  feni, by the owner of the well. The act of jumping into a well or waterbody venerates the ritual of Baptism in Jordan River. Parties around wells and pools are organised on this day.

Sao Joan celebration Peoples Jumping into well
What peoples do

Usually the young people of the village wear headdresses made of leaves and fruits. People exchange fruits and participate in folk dances called “Sangodds” . Delicious Goan dishes are prepared and feni is serves .

This festival marked by young people in Goa jumping into wells to retrieve the gifts thrown  in  by the villagers. Held at the beginning of the monsoon season in Goa, it witnesses people of all ages jumping into wells, ponds and streams. Feni (a spirit produces exclusively in Goa), overflows during to occasion. Colorful boat racing is organised .

Boat Racing

You must visit Siolim too see beautiful decorated boats cruising down the river.

Goa the only place in the world where it marked by leaping into wells. On this day, groups of people go around singing traditional songs accompanied with instruments like ghumot, mhadalem and kansallem.

Sao Joan celebrated all across the state but the best places to see the festival are Assagao, Calangute, Candolim and Anjuna. The celebration begins with a prayer for a good harvest. The rains also replenish different sources of water.


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