The Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute beach is the one of the largest beach in North Goa. This beach is most of the visited is during Summer vacation by Goans and the tourists. During Christmas and New Year there is also large amount of tourists to visit this beach.

Also another mosted visited beach is closesr to this beach which is Baga Beach which atmost 2Km from Calangute beach . You go there by road or if you want some walking you can go from the side of the beach.


On this beach you can enjoy many watersport like parasailing and water skiing, and many more.


Resorts Near By Beach

If you are planning to stay a night in calangute there are various resorts where you can stay at. Resorts such as Beach Queen ,Ocean View Goan Beach House , Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort,The Baga Beach ResortChalstan Beach Resort, Paradise Village Beach Resort and many more are there.

Direction From Mapusa

You can reach the beach by Bus or Taxi. There are various direct buses to the beach , by bus it will take 25 mins to 30 mins or more then this. Another way is by Taxi by which you can reach within 15 mins and faster the bus.


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