Goa! wealthy both historically and culturally, is one of the preferred destinations. There are numerous things to do in Goa, from partying to relaxing, from indulging yourself in various activities to site-seeing.

Tired of walking? Ride a bike!

If you want to explore Goa carefree, a bike is a must. It is much convenient and if you book it from the GOA APP it is waaay cheaper! The good thing is you won’t have to wait for hours in the traffic. It’s easy and saves time when booked online. You wouldn’t want to waste time looking for bikes, would you? Travelling with a group of friends makes it even more fun.  

Beat the heat with water adventures 

Nothing is as relaxing as taking a dip in beaches. Goa has become a spot for water babies from all over the world. Various water sports activities are available for a lesser price on the GOA APP. 

Here are some best water activities:

Scuba Diving:

Experience the underwater world and swim alongside the lion-fish, Tuna, Bat-fish and many more. Swimming along with these colorful fish is altogether a different experience.


Explore places in Goa through kayaking and enjoy the mangroves on your adventurous tour. Enjoy hopping from island to island and watch the bright blue sky as you sail your way through.

Let’s go back in time

Goa gives you a Portuguese vibe when it comes to churches. These churches were built in the Portuguese era.

The famous churches you must visit:

Basilica of Bom Jesus:

This is one of the oldest churches in Goa built by the Portuguese.People from all over the world come to visit this church to see the relics of Saint Francis Xavier who is known as the patron Saint of Goa.

St Augustine Church:

This church as well was built during the Portuguese rule which was then neglected and due to which the church collapsed. The church had 4 towers, but now there is only one remaining. The church is quite big and as you enter there are these beautifully embellished interiors reflecting the creativity of those times.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church:

One of the most beautiful and famous churches located in Panjim. The church is known for the bell which is believed to be the second-largest bell in Goa. This bell was brought from the church of Saint Augustin because it is said that the church pillar could not take the weight of the bell.

It’s party time!!

If you are a party animal, Goa has some of the best rave parties where you can go all crazy and dance your heart out. Head out to hilltop Vagator, Shiva Valley south Anjuna beach, Saturday night market in Arpora, for some amazing EDM.

Whoopee! It’s nightfall

People visit Goa not only for parties but for many other reasons. This small state of Goa has eye-catching scenic beauty, especially when it comes to sunset. There are various ways to enjoy the setting sun.

Spend the evening with your loved ones by the beach and have a whale of a time watching the sun go down as the whole sky turns to mesmerizing colors, and the silhouette of people walk by the beach.

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