If your are wishing to visit Goa during Monsoon season then you must know this waterfalls of Goa which you can visit with friends and family.

Various Waterfalls of Goa

1. Tambdi Surla Falls, Goa

Absolutely breathe taking and pristine, Tambdi Surla Falls is an incredible place for nature lovers. Not only is the waterfall a sight to behold, but the hike to it is also a worthy experience. As the cascade is within Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, which is one of the best places to visit in South Goa, you can expect to see a whole lot of animals.

Tambdi Surla

2. Hivre Falls, Goa

You might not find this spot in most lists of the popular places to visit in Goa, but this one is certainly among the best. Located amidst thick tropical forests near the town of Valpoi, Hivre Waterfalls is a trekker’s delight. Along the way, you pass numerous creeks, which would keep refreshing you for the hike ahead. The waterfall itself is not too high, but its picturesque location and silence more than make up for everything.

3. Arvalem Falls, Goa


Think North Goa is just about beaches and parties? Well, think again, as this part of the state too is home to some amazing natural wonders, one of the most notable being Arvalem Waterfalls. While on a hike to the falls, you can also visit Arvalem rock-cut caves, which are believed to have been carved by Buddhist monks in the 12th century.

Local legends mention this cave as having been used by the Pandavas for shelter during their exile from Indraprastha. Considering the popularity of the waterfalls, the Goa government has created a park nearby, which offers clear views of the falling water. Then, there is an old bridge nearby, where you can click photos.

4. Netravali Falls, Goa


The fact that Netravali Falls is surrounded by nothing but calming silence and endless greenery makes it a perfect spot to visit with your spouse or partner. The picturesque trek to the waterfall will provide you with ample time to have an intimate conversation, while the plunge pool of the cascade will offer you endless playful moments. You could sit on the rocks for hours, just gazing at the surroundings and talking.

5. Kesarval Falls, Goa


If you are in Panaji and looking for places to visit in Goa in one day, then add Kesarval Falls to your plan. The waterfalls are so named, as the word, ‘Kesarval’ is derived from the regional word for eagles; it is believed that in earlier times, eagles made their nests on the surrounding cliffs. The waterfall might be small in size, but it doesn’t take away from its popularity among tourists, as its waters are said to have medicinal properties.

6. Bamanbudo Falls, Goa

A well-maintained road makes Bamanbudo Falls among the easiest to reach in the state. This is why it is relatively more popular than some other waterfalls in Goa. A two or three-stepped cascade, depending on how you view it, it is a great spot to play in the cool water amidst lush greenery. Plus, its plunge pool is not too deep as the water doesn’t fall straight down. So, gather your group, and come here for a memorable outing with lots of fun.

7. Kuskem Falls, Goa


Set within Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, this is yet another waterfall in Goa, the trek to which can potentially treat you to the sight of the rich regional wildlife. Now, this is a proper water-fall, as the water drops almost straight into the plunge pool from a significant height. So, if you want to take a natural shower, this is the one to visit. But, remember it is mostly a seasonal spectacle, so come here just when the time is right, preferably just after the rainy season.

8. Sada Falls, Goa


Located at the MaharashtraKarnataka border, Sada Falls is for those who want to enjoy some serious hiking. The almost 4-km trek to the spot would continuously take you up and down and across numerous seasonal streams. The water here falls from a height of roughly 200 feet, making it one of the taller waterfalls in Goa. The slightly tough but amply rewarding trek, the prospect of frolicking in the cool water and the chance to laze away amidst nature make it a worthwhile experience.

9. Charavane Falls, Goa

Among the lesser-known waterfalls in Goa, this one is perfect for those who want to leave the city or even Goa’s tourist madness behind and just relax in solitude for a while. Charavane Falls again is within a protected territory (Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary), so the chances of coming across animals and birds are quite high.

Charavane Falls makes its way through a series of steps, naturally carved by the flowing river on the cliff. If you want, you can even try your hand at climbing the rocks

10. Karmalya Falls, Goa


Actually, this is the easiest waterfall to reach in Goa as it is situated right beside the road! Just make your way to the village of Apewal, and there, anyone will tell you the way to the waterfall, which lies merely 1 km away. Karmalya Falls is again a cascade rather than a waterfall, with the water flowing over small and big rocks.

11. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa


The famous Dudhsagar Falls. This is the one most people think of when talking of waterfalls in Goa. The sheer magnificence of this waterfall is the reason you should be visiting Goa in the rainy season! During the monsoon, the waterfall swells, and the water roars down looking sublimely white, hence the name Dudhsagar, meaning a sea of milk. The best way to come here is to book a train ticket to DudhSagar railway station and then embarking on a memorable trek.


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