A quiet beach is ideal for people looking for solitude and some alone time. A small lagoon, a river flowing nearby, a river flowing nearby, a 17th-century fort, and a Baradi Cross church make it a picturesque venue. So if you’re a nature lover or just looking for a quiet place to relax and watch the sun setting in the sky, then let me tell you, this place is the best for you.

Betul Beach is located south of Mobor Beach across the Sal river. This beach is particularly a fishing hamlet with a picturesque view and a secluded atmosphere to escape from the clamor and stress of life. The moderate climate and the cool sea breeze make it perfect for picnics and a laid back day. Betul Beach is renowned for Goa’s finest and largest mussels. Being a fishing village, this beach allows you to savor the most delectable fresh seafood you would not find easily anywhere else. Betul beach is situated at a distance of 49 km from Panjim and 39 km from Goa International Airport. Betul can be reached by bus from Margao but the frequency of buses is low. Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available from Margao. 

The best time to visit Betul is during the winter months from November to February. The weather will be nice and cool this time of the year, perfect for long walks, boat rides, appreciating the nature, and relaxing on the beach. To the north of Betul is Mobor, followed by the popular Cavelossim beach. The stunning Betul fort is on the opposite bank of the river, offering panoramic views of the sea, the coastline, river, and the countryside. This is a very serene and secluded beach, even during the November to January peak tourist season. It is a sandy beach with a few rocky outcrops. There are plenty of palm and casurina trees. You will also find many red crabs here. The calm Sal River flows quietly to meet the sea. A small red hill rises on the opposite side with the Betul lighthouse on top. The Betul fort is on the southern bank. You will only find a few tourists on the beach, those who explore on foot from the neighboring Cavelossim and Mobor. The beach gets its name from the small fishing village. It is a busy fishing community with a fishing port on the Sal River. You will see many fishing trawlers coming into the river and going to the sea. There are no hotels on the beach side of Betul. You will find a few places to stay on the other side of the river, including the star property the Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort. There are also a few other properties – hotels, villas, and guest houses close to the village and the fishing port. Most restaurants are located in the village and the Betul Bridge close to the Mayfair resort. Most tourists at Betul stay at the neighboring Cavelossim beach where there are two luxury properties and a few villas.

Some other tourist attractions nearby Betul Beach:

Betul Lighthouse - The lighthouse rises sharply on top of a small hill next to the village. Take the winding road from the base, cross the small Holy Cross chapel to reach the top. You can even climb the lighthouse till 6 PM in the evening to catch a view from the top. You will get fantastic sunset views from here.

The Betul Fort is on the edge of the Sal River with the sea on the other side. This small fort was erected in 1676 by the Hawaldar of Balli on the orders of Shivaji Maharaj. In fact, this is the only fort in Goa that interested this great Maratha King. It was constructed to guard the mouth of the river.


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