Framed by green hills & rock formations, this scenic beach has chairs, palapas & a relaxed vibe.

Ozran Beach is located just after Anjuna Beach, close to Vagator Beach, and is also known as a small little Vagator in North Goa. Ozran Beach is a small but very picturesque beach. It is situated behind the hillocks on which the fort of Chapora is located. To reach Ozran Beach travelers have to climb a small hill. Wonderful surroundings make the beach one of the main attractions of Goa. Ozran beach is located At a distance of 20 km Panjim, 47 km from Goa International Airport, and 12 km from Mapusa.

The best time to visit Ozran Beach is from October to February. This Beach is an extension of Vagator Beach. It is a hotspot for foreign tourists and has one of the most attractive settings found on this coastline. Ozran is a rocky beach, one can see the seawater plunge out of the pores of these rocks like lava erupting out of volcanoes. The seashore is flanked by palm trees that serve as popular picnic spots for families and tourists alike. The beach appears less crowded compared to Vagator Beach. Ideal beach to spend their day at Ozran beach with their family and friends. Ozran beach is also famous for a huge human face sculpture carved on the northern side of the beach. This sculpture was carved by tourists visiting Goa. Today this carved face is an attraction of this beach and it adds to the beauty of the beach. Some call it the Shiva face.

Apart from that, Ozran Beach is a popular tourist destination with its laid-out shacks, cafes, restaurants, and pubs, all remarkably astounding. Some of the best restaurants are Suzie’s, Bluebird, Thalassa, etc. Orzan Beach has many shacks, pubs, and bars that are party havens. You can try out various water-sports activities available are Ozran beach. Ozran does not have many shopping destinations nearby, but if you are willing to travel a bit further, then you will be struck by the remarkable collection of goods present, Saturday Night Market, Anjuna Market is near ones. The Postcard Moira, Casa Vagator, etc are some luxury resorts with outlandish décor and friendly hospitality. 

Some must-visit places near Ozran beach:

Visit Chapora Fort- Chapora Fort offers a scintillating view of sunrises and sunsets, 1.4 km from Ozran beach.

Explore Chapora Beach- After climbing down the hillock of Chapora Fort, you can go to Chapora Beach. The beach shacks around the beach serve beer, crabs, prawns, and other types of seafood at amazing prices. 1.8 km from Ozran beach.


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